Delimbo Gallery is an oasis for the contemporary creation in downtown Seville, a gallery hosted by a modernist space created by famous architect José Espiau in 1919. Laura Calvarro and Seleka Muñoz, directors of Delimbo, the first urban art gallery of the Southern Europe, always feel free to do whatever they like, without any prejudices and only working with the artists they would want to enjoy in Seville.


They trust in what they define as the “Delimbo family”, not only showcasing the works of the artists, also working with them as a kind of residency – sometimes a week, sometimes six times that span – while they prepare their exhibitions. The public is also a fundamental part of their “family” – they support their trajectory, every time with more care and respect for the project.

Laura y Seleka

“Soho Benita is a beautiful project, a brand that can grow up a lot. Delimbo always backed up this project and the strenght of all us when we work together”

Pérez Galdós, 1. Sevilla.


955 294 188
  • Lugar de efervescencia cultural y creativa en la que más de 30 socios trabajan por construir un modelo diferente de consumo, con una filosofía slow basada en la proximidad.