La Importadora was one of the first projects to come to La Alfalfa with the intention of doing things differently. They joined other people and witnessed the upcoming changes of the neighbourhood. Rafa García Forcada is an artist and designer, and La Importadora the place where his own collection – and other collections as surprising as his – coexist in harmony.


The best part of this story is that La Importadora has its roots on an old storehouse that already existed on the Sevillian La Campana, in the earlies XXs, that belonged to his family. He has kept the name and the spirit, with the aim of leaving a mark.

Rafa y María Luisa

“With the creation of Soho Benita we wanted to highlight – and map – the huge creative and cultural changes that were happening all over our city”

Pérez Galdós, 2. Sevilla.


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  • Lugar de efervescencia cultural y creativa en la que más de 30 socios trabajan por construir un modelo diferente de consumo, con una filosofía slow basada en la proximidad.