There are places that stop being “restaurants” to become “classics”, and when something is a classic it means that everyone shares the same opinion. Several generations have been stopping by La Mia Tana to feel at home, warming their bodies and enjoying a perfect time.


Its promoters, knowing the perfect formula, keep working for it to continue being perfect. The food made at La Mia Tana is home-cooked and made with love: a place where you go out on a full stomach and in such a great vibe.

Ahitamy y Elías

“Soho Benita is a reference for enjoying a closer treatment and finding home-made recipes. In that sense, we are in the perfect spot”

Pérez Galdós, 24. Sevilla.


954 226 897
  • Lugar de efervescencia cultural y creativa en la que más de 30 socios trabajan por construir un modelo diferente de consumo, con una filosofía slow basada en la proximidad.