Patricia and Antonio decided that their beautiful store was the perfect stage for joining forces to work in something that they like: making hats. The design or the patterns are parts of an artisan elaboration process during which they look for new tools and materials.


Shop, but mostly workshop, Patricia Buffuna is a place where you can find hats, caps, berets, tiaras or pamelas. Design and love for us to walk with our heads held high (and elegant!)

Antonio y Patricia

“Soho Benita is an ecclectic mix of artisans, shopkeepers and owners where the taste for design is clear”

Don Alonso el Sabio, 8. Sevilla.


954 537 824
  • Lugar de efervescencia cultural y creativa en la que más de 30 socios trabajan por construir un modelo diferente de consumo, con una filosofía slow basada en la proximidad.