Rayuela has been filling with colors, illustrations, games and words the Sevillian ‘young adults and adult youngs’ – as they call it – literary scene, for 20 years now. Lola and Miguel create a whole universe with the books they carefully read and select, an added value that is born out of the respect for the childhood and its fundamental rights, always choosing topics that educate in coexistence.


To know this library is to get inside a nest of books, a lair of games, a place where kids are also narrators.

Lola y Miguel

“We select stories that open our minds to the world and make us grow. We also gave kids a chance to become narrators, and Soho Benita seemed the perfect place for a proposal such as ours”

José Luis Luque, 6. Sevilla.




954 228 834
  • Lugar de efervescencia cultural y creativa en la que más de 30 socios trabajan por construir un modelo diferente de consumo, con una filosofía slow basada en la proximidad.